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Thursday February 27th 2020

Student Finances – Student Grant Options

The best options for future students when it comes to financial issues regarding college are grants and scholarships. Grants are given by the government and unlike student loans there is no money to be repaid once your studies are finished. In other words a grant is an award given by the government or a government agency that pays or help pay for your tuition without you having to pay that money back to the government.

student grant optionsThere are two basic types of college grants available, direct college rants, which is a grant where you directly apply to the federal government and there are also pass-through college grants, which are grants where you apply to a state agency which asks the federal government for a grant. These grants can be acquired in over 1,000 different grant programs which are offered by 26 federal grant agencies.

The amount which you will receive via college grant varies and it is based on several factors depending on your needs, but the most influential factors are expected family contribution, the cost of your college, the enrollment status, meaning are you a full time college student or a part time college student, and do you attend the school for a full year school term.

The grant once you are approved will be paid either directly to your school account, or will be mailed by check or will be a combination of both, depending on the college grant program for which you apply.

There are various types of college grants for which you can apply based on your needs and your circumstances. There are grants for students with special needs, of which the most popular one is the Pell grant. This type of college grants is given to students who are the most financially challenged due to some of the possible factors like illness or low financial status due to unemployment of the parents.

There are also college grants for special categories like military schools and church grants. The most popular type of grants, but the one that is very hard to get, is the grant for special talents. You can qualify for special talent grants if you excel in academics, or certain sport or even if you are a good photographer, there are no limitations to the possibilities of attaining a special talent grant.

Other types of college grants include:

–    Grants for specific studies
–    Industry sponsored grants
–    State sponsored grants
–    Grants for women

If you want to learn more about grants you can do so here at Campus Central, for specific information about a certain grant and the application forms you can visit

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